Cod Liver Oil Powder

Cod Liver Oil Powder

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Cod Liver Oil Powder provides needed energy to the body and helps in building strength. Capable to maintain a healthy & happy nervous system, the powder can deal with age-related macular degeneration. Containing high amounts of vitamin D, it amends the brain functions in all ways. The powder has a significant role in the regulation of calcium as well as the fixing of phosphorus levels in the blood.

Minimal composition content (per kg)

Vitamin A. ............ ..2,500,000 N

Vitamin [>3 ............... ..500,000 lU

Vitamin E .................. ....1,500 lU

Moisture 8%

Functions and Applications

  • Speed up the metabolism of livestock and poultry, promote the growth and strengthen health.
  • Promote breeding sows' oestrus and improve their reproductive performance (including laying rate, fertility rate and hatching rate);
  • Improve eggshell quality and increase egg weight.
  • Have significant effect on diseases caused by missing vitamins A, D3 or E, such as curled claw chondropathy, swollen bones, soft eggs, and oedema etc.
    This product can have better effect if using together with minerals.


  • For nestling and broilers : to mix 1kg of product with 800kg-1600kg feed;
  • For laying poultry: to mix 1kg of product with 300kg -600kg feed;
  • for reproductive sows: to mix 1kg of product with 300kg -600kg feed;


It is a vitamin type product . pls avoid exposure to sunlight, the mixture temprature is prefered to be below 40 “C; mix equally before usage; use up the ready mixtures every time to avoid value decrease.


To store in a cool, dry place and avoid sunlight; Do not store together with poisonous or hazardous materials.


aluminum foil bag contains 5009 / bag, 30 bags [carton .

Shelf life

365 days after production date.