Concentrated Cod Liver Oil

Concentrated Cod Liver Oil

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Provided Concentrated Cod Liver Oil is capable to support a healthy immune function. Needed for a vision, the oil assists in the reproduction development as well as maintains the growth. Providing improved immune system, normal functioning of body cells and healthy cell membranes, it is needed for the use and absorption of calcium. The most advantageous aspect of taking this oil that it includes increased levels of omega-3 fatty acids. The Concentrated Cod Liver Oil stands as the best vitamin D–rich food and is usually taken as a dietary matter.

Key Points :

  • Stands as one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids (EPA and DHA).
  • Also incorporated with relatively high quantities of vitamin A & vitamin D.
  • Helps in relieving the joint stiffness.
  • Makes a positive effect on cardiovascular health, assists in repairing wounded nails, hair, teeth, and skin.

Minimal composition content (per ml.)

Vitamin A.......................5,0001U

Vitamin Ds.....................1,0001U


Vitamin A, Vitamin Da, fatty acid, Unsaturated fatty acid.

Functions and Applications

Used for the treatment of Vitamin A 8L D deficiency, can enhance the metabolism of livestock and poultry, promote growth 8L and weight gaining, improve the reproduction performance, increase egg weight.


500ml this product to be mixed with 300-500kg feed.

Note: In winter time slight sediment might be seen, shake well before use, It does not affect the quality .


sealed storage.


500ml/bottle, 25bottles/carton.

Shelf life

730 days after production date.