Herbal Medicine for Swine

Herbal Medicine for Swine

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Provided Herbal Medicine for Swine (Pig) helps in recovering the health condition of swine. The medication gives immunity power to animals so as to fight against various diseases. The medicament efficaciously tackles the threat of virus and fights it out. Free of side effects, the medicine is totally safe for the consumption of pigs.


Radix astragali powder, mulberry leaf powder, chrysanthemum powder, platycodon grandiflorum powder, Purple Perilla leaf, Chinese mosla herb powder, Licorice powder, Puerarin powder, hawthorn powder, Dried tangerine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Vitamin B6 etc.

Recipe Analyse

This recipe has effects of heat-clearing and detoxicating, reducing internal heat, diuresis, improving the appetite, reducing the anti-stress.

  • Radix astragali : immune enhancer, can nourish vitality, especially applicable for breeding pigs;
  • mulberry leaf: release heat and fever,clear lung-heat and moisten dryness, antiphlogosis, blood-cooling and blood-stanching, anti-bacterial, anti-virus.
  • Purple perilla leaf 8! Chrysanthemum : regulating lung flow, prevention and treatment the symptoms of cold, fever, cough and asthma.
  • Platycodon grandiflorum : has the functions of removing sputum, relieving sore-throat, clearing lung, evacuating pus, nourishing and reserving vitality.
  • Hawthorn 8! dried tangerine: has effects ofimproving appetite, promoting digestion, eliminating phlegm, regulating vital energy, thus increase feed intake.
  • Licorice : has synergy effect, can increase feed attractant and improve the taste as well, can detoxify all toxins and enhance drug efficacy.


  • Stimulate and increase the appetite, supplement the vitamins to the feed stuff in the diet, promote growth, and is conductive to mucosal integrity and skin brightness.
  • Supplement qi to benefit the exterior, cool the blood, remove ecchrymoses, clear hot detoxify, dispersing wind heat, strengthen the animals nonspecific immunity, and improve their immunity;
  • Alleviate the conditions of fever and anorexia caused by blue ear, circoviridae, bacterial mixed infection, and accelerate recovery to increase group health level;
  • Eliminate dampness, discharge fire, promote diuresis for stranguria, and reduce organism stress.


Mixing, attenuate step by step, uniformly mixing, to add 500-1000g this product to 1000kg feed.


Sealed, store in the cool, dry place without sunlight.

Shelf life

365days after product date.