Natural Dietary Fiber for Animals

Natural Dietary Fiber for Animals

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Based in China, we are one of the renowned companies engaged in formulating & supplying Natural Dietary Fiber For Animals. It has been formulated using cellulose as main ingredient which is a form of large carbohydrate. This dietary supplement is specifically given to help in healthy cell and muscle growth of animals. It provides energy to cells which assures normal metabolism. Natural Dietary Fiber For Animals also comprises Bacillus subtilis species which promotes better immunity and disease resistance.


  • Maintains intestinal health

  • Prevents chances of colon cancer

  • Improves milk yield & quality

Provided Natural Dietary Fibers for Animals is included with cellulose, a large carbohydrate compound, which is indigestible for humans. These provide structural material and energy to the body of animals. The products fulfill the dietary needs of animals, principally involved in agriculture & food production. Suitable for the animals kept in aquariums, zoos and wildlife management, the products proffer essential nutrients needed for the body-growth.

Overview of MEXIDO Product

MEXIDO is a pure natural dietary fiber product, containing large amount of fennentable

fibers with special structural constituents, and it is rich of probiotics and has good water-absorbing quality.

Raw material composition: pure natural plant fibers and Bacillus subtilis.

Main nutritional content:

Neutral detergent fiber 45%, lignins 4, digestible energy (DE) 3120 kcal/kg, Bacillus subtilis count 1.0 x10°cfu/g

Application Value of MEXIDO

  • Increasing daily ration’ 5 nutrition concentration, improving the nutrition and physical conditions of sows, increasing number of live births and birth weight, increasing sow milk yield and milk quality, increasing weight of weaning litter and rate of survival.
  • Shortening farrowing time (0.5-1 hour), reducing abortion and stillbirth, decreasing sow MMA syndrome (hysteritis, mastitis and agalorrhea, etc), shortening weaning- oestrus interval, reducing labour costs and feed costs.
  • Wheat Bran-free daily ration can be used to reduce the mycotoxin content in feed, reduce the immunosuppression of mycotoxin against the pigs.

Usage and Dosage

Replacement sows: 2.0 - 4.0 % Recommended dosage: 3%

Pregnant sows: 3.0 - 4.5 % Recommended dosage: 4%

Lactating sows: 1.0 - 2.0 % Recommended dosage: 1.5%

Boars: 1.0 - 2.0 % Recommended dosage: 1%

Growing and fattening pigs: 1.0 - 2.0 % Recommended dosage: 1%

Usage Guidance

The Wheat bran is not necessary to be included in the feed rations after adding this product at the recommended dosage, and the replaced space for pregnant sow is filled by 80% corns and 20% soya bean meals. the replaced space in the feed rations for other pigs is filled 100% by corns

After feed rations changed, the daily feeding scale for replacement sows and pregnant sows needs to be reduced by 10 -20 % to avoid ovenNeight of the sows. The specific reduction is adjusted according to the changes of the fatness and nutrition of daily ration of the sows.

Special attentions should be taken care of with plenty of clean water supply. Water sink and drinking bowls are recommended. Insufficient water drinking may lead to adverse effects of sows. In case of insufficient water drinking and extremely high temperature, the use of wheat bran to MEXIDO product by 1: 5 ratio are recommended, and the use of what bran as low as possible is recommended.

Additional 1-296 of this product can be added to the diets of lactating sows during the late pregnancy period.

The smash size of sows feed is recommended to be over 3.0 mm.

Please consult with the technical sales manager and authorized dealer for any technical problems at farms.

Storing Method

Keep it in cool and dry places, and use it all as soon as possible after unsealing, and tie up the packing bag securely after using.

Net Weight

20 kg/bag

Shelf life

12 months from the production date